UN Takes Plastic Waste Campaign To Social Media

By Miriam Humbe, Abuja

Worried by the unpleasant consequences of plastic waste on the ecosystem, the United Nations has taken the campaign online.

The United Nations called for everyone to take action saying: “Change starts with you”.

On its official Twitter handle, @UN. described plastic pollution as a crisis.

@UN wrote: “Plastic waste can take up to 1,000 years to decompose, harming marine life, damaging soil and posing health risks.

“Change starts with you.”

The negative effects of plastic pollution on the environment can not be easily quantified.

For one, it was learned that plastic waste was non-disolvable, adding no value to the environment and the soil but rather degrading them.

Another negative effect of plastic bags is that, it may not decompose in many years after being dumped on the environment.

Also, plastic bags when burned, tend to further pollute the air by releasing toxic substances in the air.

The UN therefore urged everyone to act, and act now.

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