‘They Made Us Abolish Our Cultures’- Nigerians Furious As Britain Crowns King Charles

By Miriam Humbe, Abuja
Nigerians have continued to react  following the coronation of Britain’s King Charles III on Saturday.
Many of them took to the social media  platform, Twitter to speak on the latest development.
Some prayed for God’s blessings upon the king.
Others still, spoke unequivocally about how Nigerians were made to abandon their cultures during the colonial era and embrace the British ways, only for Britain to hold fast unto her own traditions as seen during the king’s coronation.
Here are the comments:
@ShehuSani wrote: “The British Monarch in the 21st century.”
@reeal_SAM wrote: “Sire, I thought you are supposed to be protesting the manner by which people were seen carrying the gowns of others while they walk into the arena. Is that not slavery? Abeg help us carry placards & protest.”
@GeeEn99 wrote: “They encouraged us to relegate our traditional institutions to a mere parastatal under a Local Government while they exalt theirs even above their highest democratic office. Na who do us oh?”
@Nnaneya wrote: “When are they going to abolish this ancient tradition after they made us abolish our own traditions?”
@UduakGoodnews wrote: “How are they able to maintain their system of government while we are practicing what I dont understand.”
@sunnykross77 wrote: “And these same people dismantled our traditional institutions and our so called educated mumus in politics are cool with it. Can a British PM suspend the king?”
@dcop24 wrote: “Why do we celebrate them? They don’t like us.”
@YahayaHabibu8 wrote: ” They should return the stolen diamonds to Africa.”
@lanre_fagbemi wrote: “Thought they will recite some incantations before putting the crown on his head 3times.”
@verumdicunt wrote: “May his reign restore the dignity and integrity of revered kings of the past and pacify the wounds caused by his predecessors. All we need in our world is
peace, be it from monarchy or democracy.”
@Im_Excel wrote: “They have copied the crowning of Oba of Benin Kingdom.”
@729520675461440 wrote: “God save the King!”
@LiberalClinton wrote: ” But they will tell us to destroy our heritage. Funny dudes.”

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