There’s High Potential For Young Entrepreneurs In Nigeria-QNET

The Regional General Manager, sub-Saharan Africa of QNET, Mr Biram Fall, said there was high potential for young entrepreneurs in Nigeria.

Fall said this on Saturday at the QNET EXPO 2023 holding at the International Conference Centre, Abuja.

He described Nigeria as a great country because of her demographics.

QNET is a global Direct Selling company which take pride in exceptional products in health, education, technology, wellness, personal care, watches and jewelries as well as genuine business opportunities.

Fall said that QNET, a direct selling company based in Hong Kong with presence in over 120 countries around the world and Nigeria, was contributing to the harnessing of youth entrepreneurship potential in the country, which he described as one of the company’s strongholds.

Fall said that QNET which had been in existence in Nigeria for over 25 years had demonstrated its capacities across the world.

“QNET has range of products, some 600 old products different in groups but I can tell you about watches, jewelries, nutritional products. We also have our vacation packages and educational products.

“We are here to help the youths generally to pick this opportunity up and run with it, in other words to do something with their lives.

“To transform their own lives and help people around them, by taking the opportunity to market QNET products and sell them to people for their wellness, other needs and make money in terms of commission,” Fall said.

The Chief Executive Officer of Transblue Limited, Mr Ajisafe Abdulhakeem, said that the company was in partnership with QNET the renowned direct selling company.

The Companies were celebrating their 25th anniversary in Nigeria with the exhibition.

“QNET has always been a leader when it comes to variety of products including beneficial products in terms of health, environment and global warming protection because we have several products that have impact.

“We have air purifiers, water purifiers there are other health products that will help your immune system.

“We thought that what is most important is to bring these products to Nigeria for Nigerians to have a feel and full knowledge about them.

People can buy and use or resell to earn commission as a direct seller,” Abdulhakeem said.

He said that the company’s partnership with QNET was borne out of the fact that the company saw the opportunities in the QNET programme in many other countries.

“Employment opportunity is not what we are preaching, we are preaching the sales of products and everyone who intends to buy and resell to earn commission is welcome.

“So, what it means is that there is no limit to the number of people that can go into this programme and earn a side income for himself or herself,” Abdulhakeem said.

He said that the company’s partnership with QNET with the exhibition would go along way to sensitise Nigeria on the unique features of its brands and expose anyone trying to engage in sharp practices in the marketing of the products.

“We thought in Nigeria if we partner with QNET we will be able to curtail some of these and that is what we are trying to do now.

“We hope that after this exhibition those bad eggs that are trying to destroy the brand and the reputation of the company will have nowhere to hide because everybody will know the unique features of our products,“ Abdulhakeem said.

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