Lamentations As Buhari’s Govt Fails To End Corruption In Power Sector


By Miriam Humbe
As Buhari’s tenure as President comes to an end, Nigerians took to social media to lament the inability of the government to ensure steady power supply to the country as promised during the electioneering campaigns.
They ascribed the failure to tackle the problem to endemic corruption in the system which the government allegedly condoned.
An article in the September 9, 2021 edition of The Guardian newspaper wrote: “Ultimately, corruption is the power sector demon. It heavily bleeds government investments in energy and stifles efforts that are designed to boost the availability of electricity in the country”.
Most Nigerians who bared their minds on the social media platform, Twitter, seemed to share the same thoughts on the perennial power outage as they said below.
@ShehuSani wrote: “The monumental fraud uncovered in the Power ministry exposed the major factor why the country remains in the dark for http://ages.At a time,Northerners were made to believe that Fashola was the stumbling block against electricity projects in the http://North.Now they can look inwards.There is no light at the end of tunnel;Power bureaucrats just electrified and recharged their accounts.”
@Ahmy_ng wrote: “This endemic corrupt practice carried out by the Govt Officials are often times encouraged by the unwavering cheers they receive from those at the grassroots whose resources are stolen with impunity!. Defending those who exploit your resources for their selfish gains simply because they’re of mutual tribe or religion with you is the main catalyst to an institutional collapse and a day blind approach. We have a long way to go.”
@laraGold143 wrote: “It’s been said countless times that there is no growth without discomfort. But when the planted seeds are bad, don’t expect any growth at all. We must first uproot the rotten seeds.”
@ugochukwuOgbua1 wrote: “Nigeria does not believe in punishment for corruption. That’s why criminals have populated the ruling party. Government of the thieves for the thieves and by INEC. The people no longer matter.”
@shehu_mahdi wrote: ”Indeed, the N340Billion THEFT at the ministry for power is  just a tip of the ice bag. In the next coming weeks, Real Shock will parvade the scene when you come to know the  names of all the  actors& actresses & the account details they used in the theft. They cut  across Nigeria”.
@drarthurazuka wrote: “This awakening is necessary. Especially in the North. You should call out those men that derive joy in giving hand-outs(food, money) to youths and children. They don’t mean well. Once upon a time, the North was known to produce groundnuts and oil. What happened? Your politicians!”
@femiolawoyin1 wrote: “Apc Change I think if someone promise me such Change henceforth I will ask if it is negative Change or positive Change Buhari Change below:
@MrJohnDir wrote: “Engr Saleh Mamman wanted to buy half of Jalingo for himself. We never knew it was the money kept to build a Dam in same Taraba state. Some politicians their cruelty attitude can not be described. Kai.”
@EmmamusiOb91973 wrote: “
If & until electrifying Nigeria is made privte sctor competitive, & funding made possible through capital market by way of public quoted companies; this agenda will continue at “snail speed”, & dip into reverse gear. We are not intentional enough; & d drive is negative. Wake up”.
@ ByHimILive wrote: “Fashola actually promised us that it was like operating a big “I pass my neighbor” generator, when PDP was still in power.”
@kelly5531ø9ø7wrote: “Fashola once said a serious government can fix light in 6 months, he has been there for 8 years still nothing to show.”
@ObodougoAndrew wrote: “My annoyance is that all these stolen money 90% of it is moved abroad,. If they can invest 60% of it in Nigeria we the citizens would have benefits from it. They just build hotels and private houses, clubbing and oloshos, take drugs and their children lavishes it on cars.”

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