Killed By ‘One Chance’: CIPM Mourns Resourceful Member, Greatness Olorunfemi

The Chattered Institute of Personnel Management, Abuja Branch was thrown into mourning with the unfortunate death of their dedicated and passionate member, Greatness Olorunfemi.

Greatness Olorunfemi was until her death in the hands of criminal elements popularly called ‘one chance’, the Assistant Secretary and Public Relations Officer of the CIPM Abuja Branch.

Information gathered from eye witness account revealed that Greatness was thrown out of the taxi she boarded and ran over by the ‘one chance’ syndicate in the process of robbing her.

She was said to have been taken to the hospital by eye witnesses where she eventually died.

CIPM Abuja Branch said in a statement signed on Thursday as follows:

We regret to announce the passing away of our passionate and dedicated member, Greatness A. T. Olorunfemi, ACIPM who was the Assistant Secretary and Public Relations Officer of the CIPM Abuja Branch.

The report of the demise of CIPM member Greatness reached us late hours of yesterday 28th September in an alleged unfortunate encounter with notorious “one-chance” robbers she was confirmed dead at the Maitama General Hospital where she was quickly taken to by the witnesses to the scene of the encounter.

Greatness Olurunfemi invested a lot of energy and unalloyed commitment and passion to the service of the Chattered Institute of Personnel Management since joining the institute while in Lagos and then later transferred her membership to the Abuja Branch when she relocated to Abuja.

She served the branch equally with the same energy, passion, and zeal, making her an important figure in the institute during her lifetime.

She established a lot of presence and conspicuous level of activity at our meetings, events, and platforms, championed many ideas, innovations, and activities which include regular birthday updates, robust HR discourse, and rich engagements on our platforms.

She also managed our engagements on LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and other platforms with an obvious smile and joyfulness that cannot go unnoticed all around our gatherings.

She also runs several coaching and mentoring talk shows, podcasts, and events that touch the general public’s lives on various channels.

Greatness was indeed an epitome of greatness and had a bright future and contributions to the world at large until her demise.

An important part of humanity was cut short, and the effect is obviously being felt in the hearts and souls of all who have come across her and in the sands of time.

Greatness and her huge impact will be greatly missed as a result of this tragic incident which has thrown the entire CIPM family into deep mourning and a sense of great loss.

We commensurate with her family, relatives, and her friends as we join them in mourning this sad loss to society and the Human Resource community.

Please remember her and her immediate family in your prayers to find strength and consolation in a time such as this.

We pray for the repose of her soul and the consolation of everyone who will in one way or the other affected by this tragic event.

CIPM Abuja Branch

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