‘He’s A Liar’: Buhari’s Assets Declaration Sparks Outrage On Social Media

By Miriam Humbe, Abuja

Former President Muhammadu Buhari in his assets declaration stated that he left office after eight years with no extra dime to his name.

This is according to a document displayed on Twitter by former Presidential Spokesperson, Garba Shehu.

Meanwhile, former President Goodluck Jonathan’s Media Aide, and member of the now rested TV talkshow, Patito’s Gang, Ruben Abati took this headline on his Twitter handle, @abati1990 thus:

Buharis Assets Remain The Same After 8 Years As President — Spokesman.

Nigerians have been reacting with some saying that the former President lied in his assets declaration form.

They hoped that the relevant authorities would do the needful and unravel the truth.

Here are the reactions: https://

@ladi_etti wrote: “Even as his brother-in-law is in charge of Printing and Minting…? I laugh to myself.”

@bryangpatrick wrote: “And we should celebrate that? Anyway, had he even left Nigeria stagnant from where he met it, we’d be bragging of successful administration by now. But instead, he took it backward.”

@1stprimierofUAR wrote: “If Nigeria had remained thesame after the 8 years eeeehn
Nigeria Wouldn’t have appreciated Goodluck enough.
But Noooo… Here we are sinking deeper in the quick sand the failure placed us….The Spoke person in turn is an Opportunist reaping from kakistocracy and kleptocracy.”

@longe_lanre wrote: “This people can lie…
Cows no die, cows no procreate
@MBuhari make una dey fear Allah
Eight years!!!”

@mo2easy wrote: “Did you guys check his crypto wallets?”

@JesseTerlumun wrote: “He is a liar! Liar! He wasn’t paid salaries and allowances? That was how he promised to fight corruption he ended up conducting the worst elections; presiding over 700,000 barrels of oil lost to oil theft; disobeying court orders; presiding over corruption in Aso Rock clinic etc”.

Displaying the picture of a robust Aisha, @BalaBunabe wrote: “This asset has increased by 1trillion %”.

@Sir_neji wrote: “So over eight years the cows didn’t gave birth? Habbaaaaa mallam”.

@KemanAdamu wrote: “Nigerians expecting a man to grow the economy when he couldn’t even grow his own personal/family assets for 8 years.”

@1∅6confi106confidential wrote: “That doesn’t make wrote: “That doesn’t make him a wise/good man, his stagnation in life is badly infectious. Total lack of growth and development both at home and entire nation. Failed man”.

@Mordipatrick98 wrote: “Is that a good record? That clearly shows sign of stagnation.
Are they now saying that stagnation is a good development, God forbid !!!

@OladejiAyodele wrote: “Laughs! Didn’t he filled the forms himself. We can only confirm that after the required agency has finished its work”.

@Donald41584582 wrote: “Very good president hmmmmmmm that’s why we did not grow in his entire 8 years.”

@GENERALEMINA wrote: “But Aisha doesn’t look the same, looks fully loaded than 8yrs ago”.

@BrainyTerna wrote: “Very unproductive fellow!!!”

@CyrilEkpen wrote: “Whoever believes this liar will believe anything. But na here we dey sha Sidon-looking!”

@Harifata1 wrote: “So he doesn’t save, no wonder Nigeria suffered during his administration”.

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