Greatness Olorunfemi: 4,766 Persons Petition FCT Minister, IGP To Stop ‘One Chance’ Criminals

Greatness Olorunfemi, killed by ‘one chance’

By Miriam Humbe

No fewer than 4,766 persons have so far signed the Young African Network Initiative, (YALI) Abuja’s online petition to the Minister of the Federal Capital Territory, (FCT), Nyesom Wike and the Inspector General of Police, (IGP) Kayode Egbetokun urging the authorities to end insecurity in Abuja and operations of the criminal elements popularly called ‘one chance’ from doing further harm to innocent citizens.

This is following the unfortunate death of a Nigerian youth, Greatness Olorunfemi who was thrown out of a moving vehicle in Abuja in late September by the ‘one chance’ syndicates, leading to her untimely death.

Eyewitnesses had taken the victim while still unconscious to the nearby Maitama District Hospital for treatment where the Nurses and Doctor on duty were said to have locked their doors against them leading to her death some 20 minutes later.

The Maitama District Hospital had insisted that the victim produced a validly signed Police report before treatment could be administered.

But she died unattended to.

The incident had caused a lot of outcry from many people especially in the Federal Capital Territory, Abuja many of who demanded justice for the victim, Greatness Olorunfemi.

Sympathisers also urged the security agencies to be more proactive in their constitutional duty to prevent crimes and safeguard the lives and property of Nigerians.

Initiated on September 29, 2023, the YALI Network Abuja petition on the online platform, gathered 4, 766 signatures, barely two days later and still counting as at the time of filing this report, signifying the people’s resolve to have the ‘One Chance’ menace tackled.

The petitioners aimed to generate at the least, 5000 signatures.

On Monday alone, more than 560 people signed the petition.

The YALI Network Abuja vehemently condemned the heinous act of violence earnestly called upon the FCT Minister and relevant security agencies to prioritize the safety of Abuja residents.

In their petition, the YALI Network Abuja said: “We the undersigned, earnestly call upon the government to:
1. Launch a comprehensive and transparent investigation into Greatness’ murder, ensuring that her perpetrators face the full weight of the law.
2. Implement immediate and effective measures to address the escalating insecurity within the FCT.
3. Prioritize the safety and security of residents through enhanced law enforcement and community engagement.

4. Foster a sense of security, trust, and confidence within the Federal Capital Territory.

“We implore you to initiate a thorough and transparent investigation into Greatness’ murder, ensuring that her perpetrators are swiftly brought to justice and held accountable for their actions.”

The petition also read in part:

“We, the undersigned members and supporters of the YALI Network Abuja, come together with heavy hearts and deep concern to petition the Government for urgent action on the escalating insecurity within the Federal Capital Territory (FCT). We believe that immediate and effective measures are essential to address this pressing issue, which poses a severe threat to the safety and security of our community.

“Our collective sorrow is magnified by the tragic and brutal murder of one of our esteemed members, Ms. Greatness Olorunfemi, on the 26th of September, 2023. Greatness was a dedicated and passionate member of our community, known for her unwavering commitment to community development, her faith, and her devotion to youth empowerment.

“Her untimely demise, resulting from an avoidable encounter with the dreaded “One Chance” syndicate, not only devastated her family and friends but also dealt a profound and regrettable blow to the entire YALI Network Nigeria.

“Greatness embodied the spirit of youth with great aspirations for the betterment of our Nation. Her dreams and potential were boundless, but they were tragically cut short by a reprehensible act of violence. We urge you to honor her memory and the memory of countless others affected by similar acts of insecurity by taking immediate and decisive action.

“In recent times, the rising insecurity within the FCT has given rise to grave concerns among residents. It is our sincere belief that the safety and security of lives and property must be of paramount importance. Therefore, we respectfully request that you, as the responsible authority, work closely with security agencies to ensure the protection of our beloved community.”

Meanwhile, the Federation Competition and Consumer Protection Commission (FCCPC) has opened an investigation into the unfortunate but avoidable death of Greatness Olorunfemi.

In 2018, the federal government of Nigeria through the then Consumer Protection Commission, now named the Federal Competition and Consumer Protection Commission birthed the Patient’s Bill of Rights (PBoR).

The PBoR among other things, empowered the public to access immediate and timely emergency care at hospitals and clinics, without any hindrance which includes the provision of a Police report.

The FCCPC Executive Vice Chairman/CEO, Mr Babatunde Irukera in a statement signed on Saturday titled: “Criminal attack on Ms. Greatness Olorunfemi and subsequent medical attention and fatal outcome. Re: Maitama District Hospital”, said the Commission was immediately engaging relevant stakeholders including the Office of the Mandate Secretary for Health Services and Environment for the Federal Capital Territory, (FCT).

The FCCPC boss therefore said: “Of particular concern is if Ms. Greatness Olorunfemi died on account of failures implicated in the Commission’s Patients’ Bill of Rights (PBoR) or other enforceable legal instruments regarding attention and care to patients generally, and more specifically, in emergency situations where victims of criminal conduct require medical attention.

“Considering the facility concerned is a government institution, upon gathering initial evidence, and the Commission’s determination that there is sufficient basis/probable cause to proceed with a limited inquiry into the consumer protection aspects of the events or series thereof resulting in this fatality; the Commission immediately engaged relevant stakeholders including the Office of the Mandate Secretary for Health Services and Environment for the FCT.”

YALI Network Abuja pleaded with the authorities to give this petition the deserved attention and also take necessary actions “to safeguard our community and prevent further tragedies like the one we are mourning.”

YALI Network Abuja said: “We remain committed to working collaboratively with the government and relevant stakeholders to ensure a safer and more secure future for all residents of the Federal Capital Territory.”

Below are some of the comments by those who signed the petition:

Bidemi Ademola: “I strongly believe that hospitals should focus on saving lives first and request for paperwork after. Too many innocent lives have been lost and it is totally avoidable!”

Ayobami Ogundipe: “Her death could have been avoided”.

OlowoWaste Adejumoke: “No Life need to be wasted!!! We need to protect the lives of our citizens and stop cutting down the lives of our future! Government should rise up to their responsibilities of protecting lives and properties of their citizen!”

China Oparah: “Young Nigerians die untimely everyday due to lack of security”

Yewande Adams: “Enough is enough stop killing innocent people’s blood”.

Folorunsho Abigeal: “She needs justice”.

Joyce Ochemeh: “The unfortunate incident (death) could have been avoided, if only Maitama General Hospital had accepted to treat her first before demanding for police report. The Doctor and Nurses that shut the doors that night should be brought to book. For now boycott Maitama general hospital….”.

Michael Obaidiku: “FCT should be declared state of emergency crime rates is a red flag”.

Okeoma Grant: “This insecurity is so rampart and can happen to any one. At the moment as I am signing this petition someone might be passing through this situation. Government please help the masses. We shouldn’t go that far to defend ourselves. My heart goes to the family of the deceased. May her soul rest in peace. Amen”.

Henrietta Bassey: “This is very inhumane and against the medical code of conduct which is to SAVE LIVES. I want that hospital SHUTDOWN it’s current patients transferred and damages paid by the Hospital Management and Staff. They are also to pay compensation to the lady’s family. All the doctors there must have their license revoked! I want justice for this lady and every other victim of Hospital brutality. This will serve as an example to the others. Even a robber deserves treatment pending when police arrives.”

Chiagozie Joy: “It’s terrible that someone can be a victim of crime in Abuja and be referred treatment at a hospital in 2023!”

Damien Marc Akpaoka: “I hate violence against humanity”.

Rachael Animashaun: “Insecurity challenges should be stopped in Nigeria”.

Ojochenemi Emmanuel: “The Nigeria medical system needs overhauling as the security system.”

Samson Adams: “All we want is justice”.

Jude Omorodion-Kayode: “The insecurity is too high in the F.C.T and is it alarming that our government is doing nothing about it.”

Orion Ikyo: “The health system and institutions in Nigeria have to be held and be more accountable.”

Stephen Ebereuche: “She is a Nigerian like me, one chance must be stopped”.

Nma Iro: “Greatness is my colleague, she had a great future ahead of her. Enough of one chance in Abuja”.

Rita Abu: “As a youth in this great country Nigeria I desire security for my fellow youth. The dead rate of young people is alarming and need to stop.”

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