Beaten To Death: Family Writes Tinubu, Seeks Justice As Alleged Wife-Killer Policeman Walks Freely

The deceased Queen Awuna allegedly beaten to death by her husband

To the Nigerian President, Bola Ahmed Tinubu

His Excellency Sir, my sister (Queen Torkwase Awuna) was beaten by her police husband, Iorember Ade and that led to her death.

I have been going up and doing to get justice but the Nigeria Police Force, frustrated all my efforts as the IPOS in charge of the case at the state CID Makurdi and Force headquarters Abuja, demanded for money I could not afford to pay.

The investigation started at the State CID Makurdi where I was intimidated by the police, threatened and finally the police demanded that I finance the case but I was not able to do that.

It may interest you to know that my sister’s left behind Three (3) children and my parents are the ones taking care of them.

The deceased left three young children

I was able to transfer the case to Force headquarters Abuja, hoping I can get justice from there but that was even the worst.

The IPO, known as Mr. IK, from the office of the then Inspector General of Police (Mohammed Adamu), called me to his office and I honoured his call.

While in his office, the IPO was busy debating with his colleagues on why he is the one to handle my case.

I was surprised when the two officers with him, said that since their arrival to the IGP’s office, cases are not given to them to handle in order to get extra income apart from their salary.

They were so angry that they forgot I was in the office, listening to their argument.

It became obvious that police officers now struggle to handle cases as the cases add extra income to their salary, which is not suppose to be so.

Cases should be handled by the police with the aim of administering justice in order to achieve peace, love, unity and progress.

After the argument, the conditions given to me by the police were heavy, exploitative and Ungodly.

Police wanted me to sponsor three (3) of their officers; their transportation fare, feeding, accommodation, fuel the police vehicle and so on, to enable them go to Makurdi where the incident occured to ask questions before returning to Abuja.

That was obviously impossible for me. I was just a student and my parents were not having much to spend, to secure justice for their late daughter.

I was able to engage the National Human Rights Commission but nothing was done to assist me get justice.

His Excellency Sir, my sister was beaten by her police husband because she asked for the money to enable her buy food for their children and the husband claimed he was not having money.

Thereafter, she asked him, why did he always refuse to buy food stuffs for them (She and the kids) but always participate in eating the food sent by her parents?

The question above got her husband angry and he assaulted her to the point that she collapsed and was first taken to the Police Clinic and thereafter to the Federal Medical Centre Makurdi but finally died at the BENUE State University Teaching Hospital.

At the Police Clinic Makurdi, after beaten by her husband

After her death, the officers started spreading fake news to claim that she died after suffering from an ailment but could not mention the ailment.

This was to divert people’s attention from the truth and that claim called for the meeting between my family and the family of the officer.

At the meeting, we agreed that her burial should not hold until after the investigation to know the cause of her death.

Surprisingly, after the meeting, the officer ignored the resolution reached at the meeting, and went ahead to burry her without any of us being in attendance as his decision was against what was agreed during the meeting of the two families.

Recently (September 13, 2023), the same officer (Iorember Ade), went to our village where my parents are living with the kids and attempted to kidnap them but my father’s presence, prevented him from achieving his aim.

I am not a lawyer but I know that if he feels that we are holding his children illegally, he should approach a Court of law to seek for their release.

Or even before going to Court, we have traditional rulers and elders that he can report us to them in order to get his children released. His plan to kidnap these children is evil.

Sir, the husband to my late sister was not taking care of his wife (my late sister) and their children.

My parents were the people sending food to her and that same food was the one serving them including her husband who finally beat her because she asked him for food and the beating led to her death.

So, my parents have no choice to bring the children home in order to take care of them.

For the officer to attempt kidnapping the children, he has bad intention and who knows, some parents nowadays are selling their children and we have seen that severally reported in the media.

For safety of the innocent kids, I am calling on the President to intervene since the police and National Human Rights Commission had failed me.

With your intervention, I believe justice will be served to prevent the officer from kidnapping and absconding with the innocent kids who till now remember how their mother was killed and can equally narrate the incident that led to her death.

Thank you.

Awunah Pius Terwase,
Human Rights Activist/Public Affairs Commentator.
Mpape, Abuja.


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