About Us

Humsimedia is a website that provides its readers with updates via unbiased reportage of current issues. We are media savvy.

To bring to our esteemed readers, authoritative, balanced and unbiased reportage of national issues through the journalist mandate to inform, educate and entertain.

To be technologically driven as we present a news platform with wide coverage background through innovation, excellence, prompt service delivery, human capital and resources.

Our core values:
-High professional standards
-Clarity of presentation
-Highly educative, informative

Aims/objectives and what we do:

Humsimedia is an online publication with quarterly productions of its brand, the hard copy Humsi International Magazine. We pride in our ability to deliver quality media content on various sectors such as health, metro, education, the economy, aviation, politics, security, the environment, sports, hospitality, lifestyle, gist, entertainment and trending issues. Humsimedia stands for truth, objectivity and balance.